Neha Gupta

Neha Gupta Introduction:

Neha Gupta - Mother of 2 beautiful kids, married for 12 years & an IT professional all through her career.

In her own words, she shares:
Very beautifully said by anonymous "Beauty gets attention, personality gets heart". 20 years back when I lost my both parents at a very young age I felt I have lost everything. Parents are everything for you at that age. But with the blessings of Almighty I took charge of my life and choose to be happy. That was the life changing turn which made me today a confidant , compassionate and Independent person.
Every decision of our life defines our personality even if the decision is taken sub consciously.
Few things are beyond our control. But yes what I believe is everyone has a magic in themselves and steal the hearts of all. Remember “Rome was not built in a day” we need patience, practice and perseverance in our each action.
My husband is the Pillar of my life, I learn everyday from him. I not only love him but I respect him as he had guided me in last 13 years like my father and made me what I am here today.

I am excited to be part of Mrs Bharat USA 2017 as it will add a new chapter in my life.

My hobbies are cooking and to stay fit. I would say Being fit is my passion rather than just a hobby or interest. The most weird thing I love about myself is when I am upset I love to dressed up (even if I am not stepping out) it just makes me happy .
I dream of making my own beauty product line as I believe using things which are close to nature and organic.

Looking forward for great learnings and bonding during this journey.
As I always believe Shoot for the Moon, even if you miss you are in stars. AIM HIGH !